Herbert aims to harness the power of plants to help us
grow in our everyday lives.

No, Herbert can’t promise to add inches to your stature.

The kind of growth we’re after is of the more spiritual variety.

Herbert wants to help you evolve, expand, get unstuck, get moving.

Herbert wants to give you the tools to take control of the way you experience the world, to take control of your own wellbeing.

Planet Earth in the 21st century can be pretty intimidating at times. It never turns off. It never winds down. It never takes a breather. Balance, boundaries, limits—that’s not what our society does best.

A world like this takes its toll on the people who make it spin. In order just to keep up, we allow ourselves to be pulled in a thousand directions, dividing our attention into units measured in milliseconds, eroding our focus, depleting our energy, exhausting our resources.

To manage the grind, we turn to quick fixes, shortcuts—caffeine, alcohol, pills of all kinds. Not to mention screens and junk food. Anything to get us through the day, through the night, through the week.

We know it can’t go on like this forever, but we see no clear way out. We’ll do whatever it takes to get by.

Herbert knows we can do better than just getting by.

Herbert knows the solutions lie not in moving faster, but in moving smarter.

Not in working harder, but in working better.

Not in tuning out, but tuning in.

Not in being in a million places at once, but in being here now.

Not in making things complex, but in making them simple.

That’s why Herbert turns to the plant world for solutions.

The plant kingdom is the world’s most sophisticated research laboratory, 470 million years in the making.

Plants have been around 2000 times longer than us humans. In that span, they’ve developed a staggering range of biochemical tools that help them not only survive, but thrive. Features that help them grow, even in the face of an ever-changing, ever-challenging environment.

When the going gets tough, plants can’t simply get up and go somewhere else in the hope of solving their problems. They have to produce solutions from within—just as they produce energy from within. It is this limitation that has forced plants to evolve their greatest advantage—their skill in synthesizing a library of useful compounds millions strong from a relatively small set of chemical building blocks. Therein lies the secret to the plant world’s awesome power.

Fortunately for us, we humans can use these tools as well—to find the balance, tranquility and ease that so often eludes us in the modern world.

Herbert’s mission is to make these life-enhancing tools available in forms that are delicious, healthy, and convenient. Learn how we do just that in Herbert Labs.

Modern research scientists are making startling discoveries about the plant world everyday—some of them known for thousands of years to practitioners of plant medicine, others entirely without precedent.

At the same time, plant medicine has a great deal to learn from the technologies and methodologies of research science—striving for ever greater rigor, consistency, efficacy and understanding.

Herbert seeks to bridge these worlds, developing products to support your body and psyche in ways that are as sustainable as they are effective. Products as thoroughly lab-tested as they are time-tested. Products you can count on. Products made to help you grow.